Advantages and Disadvantages of Being Famous – Creative Writing Essay

Advantages and Disadvantages of Being Famous – Creative Writing Essay
Now it’s my task to write an essay on advantages and disadvantages of beeing famous. I think everybody in the world want to earn a shit load of money like all the famous stars. But, I think earning a lot of money is not

all, you must also have friends, a family staying behind you, a girlfriend or a boyfriend, because without all these things you are lonely. But, an other point is, that you can buy a big house with you money, a lot of cars, house maids and drivers.

But, when you are famous, many paparazzi follow you every day, every time. And so you are under control every time, and if you do something wrong, everybody get to know it.
An other disadvantage is much stress. You travel all day around the world, go to awards and so on. And if you have stress, you may take drugs and alcohol. Without taking drugs many stars wouldn’t have bear the stress.

Let me go over to the end of the cariers of stars. If the carier of famous stars end they run short of money. If they didn’t save enough money for the ending of their lifes, they will get a problem. Only some stars manage to earning enough money, for example Robbie Williams or Madonna. An other problem is kidnapping children of the stars, because of the lot of money th stars have potential kidnapper hope for lots of money by kidnapping star’s children.

All in all I can say on the one hand I want to become famous, because of the money, but on the other hand I don’t want to become famous because of much stress, the paparazzi and the dangerous life. But, maybe I habe the chance to become famous and then I will realize it.