Alice Walker’s book, The Color Purple, brings an often forgotten or ignored subject, that of slavery, gender hierarchy and racism, to the forefront of readers’ minds. The discrimination against individuals because of their colour, background or gender was, and continues to be, present in modern society and Walker draws attention to this with her writing. This essay will analyse this text in five main sections. It will start by elucidating parts of the text on which the cultural and historical context has a bearing. It will then consider the motives and interests of the author. After which, it will reflect on what effects are achieved by the use of non-standard English; it will go on to identify and describe the narrative viewpoint of the text and show understanding of its connotations. Finally this essay will show the reasons for the structure and layout of the text.
Tartarus (ταρταροω) Tartarus, also seen written as Tartaros, was not just believed (in Greek mythology) to have been a place of ultimate punishment, but also as one of the first Gods from which everything in the universe descended from. In ancient orphic sources Tartaros is also the unbounded first-existing “thing” from which the Light and the Cosmos is born.
What is love? Love is a very special and meaningful word to anyone and everyone who has loved before. For me, love is a priceless diamond, like a diamond, it has thousands of mirror images, and each represents a meaning of love. Having a key to open my heart to look at this world without a mask, to show people who I really am. It also means those signs of the diamond cannot be replaced by any kind of expression, because the untrue reflection will not be a real diamond, and will not be able to spread out its magnificent as well as meaningful reflection of love to people to whom I care for.
Faustus the Speculator, the Doctor of Divinity; who was not content with himself or his life, and wanted more. He was an intelligent worldly man who had students that admired him. But Faustus was not content with his knowledge and focused on studying Necromancy, day and night. After studying charms, enchantment, soothsaying, and witchcraft he called himself an Astrologian and Mathematician. He became so obsessed with his new knowledge that he decided to conjure the Devil. Faustus seeks the devil because he wants more knowledge, wisdom and immortality. This pact would be his demise. How could he be so smart and not realize that he was dealing with the King of the dark side, who lives by deceit and deception.