Alcohol is probably one of the most abused substances known to mankind.
High school is one of the most memorable times for everyone. It is a time to make life long friendships, earn good grades, participate in activities and prepare for the future.
The Whitbread World Sailboat Race is a nine month round the world race. Bjorn Ericksen has been chosen to head his country’s crew.
F Scott Fitzgerald was actually quite pro the emancipated women based on an analysis of the characters of women he portrays. Three female archetypes of femininity are given.
The first five years of the 21st century have brought a great deal of turmoil and instability to the global oil market. In November 2001, oil prices stood at under $20 a barrel.
“Nigger”. It’s the first word that appears on Barry Noreen’s Gazette article, Use Fighting Words, and You Should Expect a Fight, but instead, it’s written as n----.
My Grandmother is what some would consider a feminist. She believes that woman have the potential to do anything but men hold them back.
The book Mother Teresa by Emma Johnson has a great biography of Mother Teresa. It shows where Mother Teresa’s life started and where it ended.
The novel, Finding Grace, by Alyssa Brugman explores the issue of the treatment of the disabled through the character of Grace.
Mothers say a lot of things. Some words you hear once and forget, but some linger as you grow and mature.