Alcohol and its Complications

Alcohol is probably one of the most abused substances known to mankind. If everyone knew the effect alcohol had on their body, they would probably still drink it; however, there are some people that have realized drinking alcohol only makes things worse in the end, so the people that choose not to drink have superior heath and tend to live longer. People drink to socialize or just to relax; either way, it causes mental, physical, and emotional complications.

Mentally, alcohol alternates the whole way the brain usually thinks and acts, which can cause people to regret things whenever the alcohol wears off. Alcohol causes brain cells to be destroyed, which impairs the memory. Also, the vision is blurred and speaking starts to slur, consequently, making the person intoxicated seem incompetent.

Physically, alcohol can damage several important organs including the stomach, liver, kidneys, lungs, and the heart. Many different kinds of cancer can form over a period of time from all of the organs damaged. Some cancer can be treated, but there is always a possibility that it can come back. Most of these organs are vital to living; so if the damage is severe, the result can be fatal. Years of drinking can cause a person’s appearance to change, also. Dark circles around the eyes can form, wrinkles will start to form around the eyes and mouth, and the skin color can lighten to look like a pale, ill person.

Drinking alcohol can also cause a person to become emotional. It’s most common for a female to start crying and for a male to get irate and start a fight. Alcohol triggers certain parts of the brain which initiates the emotion resulting in drama and a bad night. Even though there are some people that can drink without any of the above happening, it still can be dangerous and the people drinking should be monitored closely to prevent issues.

“I made a commitment to cut out drinking or anything that would hamper me from getting my mind and body together. And the floodgates of goodness have opened upon me spiritually and financially.” This quote was said by Denzel Washington and I agree with him. I believe that because people waste their hard earned money on alcohol whenever they could be saving up for desperate days. It doesn’t make since to spend it on something that will get you nowhere; except mentally, physically, and emotionally ill.