Key factors in mental processes and interpreting different experiences deal with sensation, perception, and attention. There is a certain amount of stimuli that each of us can handle before we are unable to perform in a productive manner. We have explored each individual’s limits to auditory stimuli along with the ability to perform in a specific setting. The majority of our team can handle a great deal of stimuli when participating in various activities. There can be noises of every sort, and it will not distract them in what they are in the process of completing or participating in. The ability to multi-task allows us to handle various stimuli at once. It also allows us to handle many tasks we are obligated to uphold throughout our busy lives. On the other side of the spectrum, there are also team members who can only study or complete specific tasks when there is little to no noise. These individuals can only handle a limited amount of stimuli or they will not be able to perform at maximum capacity. We will further discuss the different experiences and comfort levels of each team member, and how dividing attention will facilitate or impede our learning abilities.