Tourism industry basically depicts the services offered by companies to its customers who choose to spend a leisure time taking break from their work or travel at their work or travel on honey moon or pilgrimage or studies or as a hobby with their friends or family.
I always told myself I was going to be something in life no matter how many obstacles came my way. Some people asked me where I get my strength, I say I get my strength from within always having a hunger to succeed. I broke through the lies I told myself that I will never overcome my situation. I also believe that I get my strength from my nieces because they look up to me and I want be a good example. So when they plan for college I will be right there guiding them, telling them to never give up and keep trying. Being one of the first in my family to seek higher education at a four year University is very exciting for me because I know I’m planning for my future.
Two-Dimensions Alphabetical-Alphabetical Matrix (2DAAM) Numbering for Telephone Numbering Plan Systems More Addresses, Less Number of Digits! Decimal National Numbering Plan… Goodbye! Mag. Hasan Meslmani