Hsiang Yu: The Tragic Hero Confucius once said, “Study the past if you would divine the future”. The emphasis traditional Chinese culture has for centuries placed on history as an educational and guiding source is reflected in Ssu-ma Chien’s historical work, Shi Ji. Split into five categories – basic annals, chronological tables, treatises, hereditary houses and biographies – Shi Ji chronicles the history spanning an extensive time ranging from the original Yellow Emperor to the Han Dynasty. Of the five sections, ‘biographies’ remain the most intriguing. Ssu-ma Chien’s cogent yet vivid use of language not only gave insight into the character and fundamental worth of each subject, but also illustrated their particular virtues he deems that make each individual respectable and honorable.
When the Spanish began there journey through America their influence both on the native Americans and the environment were awesome. The prime goal of the Spaniards were to transform the native Americans into tax-paying Christians. This was in contrast to the idea that their goal was to eliminate the Indians form of the Americas. Unfortunately the Spaniards took many Indians so that they may plant their Christian religion in the Indians and to use them as labor. This led many Indians to learn the customs, environment and language of the Spaniards so that they could to be able to live in the Spanish culture. Some Natives acquired the Spanish language which was the main source of their Hispanicization. This was the realization of the Indians becoming encompassed by the Spanish society. They now began to live in a Spanish ways and blend into the bottom of the Spanish totem pole. Spanish goals and plans were to involve the Indians so that they may live in their society even if at the lower end of it’s ladder.
In this session long project I will be discussing the moral dilemma faced by the United States Military in having homosexuals in the military and issues with the Uniform Code of Military Justice.
Postal Control Systems As A mail processing clerk for the U.S Postal Service, my success is measured by two indicators, the amount of mail volume left on hand at the end of each day and the number of dispatches that leave the building on time. If the dispatches to the stations leave on time and I have a limited amount of mail volume left on hand my day has been a success. Through this paper I will discuss the control systems used to ensure that success. At the end of the day there is only one indicator that determines organizational success or failure, a happy and satisfied customer.
Discussion on immigration has been the focus point in many conversations for quite some time. Both citizens and government officials have noticed and have clarified that immigration has become a serious issue in our country. The main problem with immigration is that a large percentage of immigrants reside in America illegally. This has affected the United States in many negative ways and should spark a large amount of concern throughout the nation.