Discussion on immigration has been the focus point in many conversations for quite some time. Both citizens and government officials have noticed and have clarified that immigration has become a serious issue in our country. The main problem with immigration is that a large percentage of immigrants reside in America illegally. This has affected the United States in many negative ways and should spark a large amount of concern throughout the nation.

The United States of America was founded and settled on by immigrants. These were people who sought refuge from rising taxes, famine, dictatorship or any other type of unfair, inhumane regimes that might have been in control of their native countries. America has been the land of opportunity and hope since it was founded. The flag and national anthem are both prime, yet only two, examples of what this nation represents and offers to those who seek freedom. The United States has always protected such people and provide them with equal opportunity to become citizens, so that they can pursue their dreams for happiness. These various types of sanctions are what separates the United States and its democracy from any other nation in the world.

In the beginning, America was settled upon by English colonials who were loyalists to the mother land, England, and were embarking on a journey that had never been attempted before. They faced inconsiderable odds and were thousands of miles away from what they knew to be a civilized nation. They had little, if any, understanding of the environment that they now call home. Throughout time, more and more settlers arrived and they came from various places throughout Europe in search of the same destiny as their English counterparts.

It is estimated that around twelve million people sought refuge in the United States of America between the years of 1870 and 1900. Many of these immigrants came from the European countries, such as; Germany, Ireland, Italy, and even England. Many of these immigrants were asked to serve in the Civil War and in return they would gain freedom as an American citizen. As it is known, the trend of immigration has never ceased to a halt throughout the history of America. So on that note, why is it now that America is having such difficulties with immigration?

Americans, more than once, have tried to put a stop or at least tried to reduce the number of immigrants allowed into the nation. By trying to achieve this, America closed immigration ports on both sides of the nation, the government implemented and enforced strict deportation laws, and there were always the uproar and pressures of the American citizens-then immigrants, now natives. The same situations preside in this nation today. The only difference is the race of people who are trying to seek refuge in the United States.

It is estimated that 12.7 million Mexican immigrants now live in the United States and account for nearly 32% of the American populous. Social studies also show that of that 32% Hispanic population about 55% are unauthorized to be living in the United States. This main detail is what sparks the furry in American citizens when the topic of immigration is surfaced during any discussion. Many jobs are being given to these illegal aliens, because they work for lower wages. Not only lower wages, but they don’t get health insurance, retirement plans, taxes and many other incentives that American citizens require an employer to provide. This saves the employers a huge sum of money and is extremely appealing to most capitalistic Americans, so the dignity of many employment positions is lost through this mess.

Right now more than ever the United States is in dire need of a change. The economy is suffering greatly and unemployment rates are soaring through the roof, almost as high as the American Great Depression during the years of 1929 through the early 1940’s. The idea that illegal immigration has contributed to this effect is extremely real and should be taken seriously.

Immigration should have extremely strict policies that prevent people from staying within the borders of the United States and having the ability to work. The problem and the focus should not only about finances and job security, but should equally be about homeland security. In a high-tech, fast pace world that we live in, the ability for a foreign attack on U.S. soil is not far fetched. This was proven in the month of September 2001. Men from a foreign country were living in America on expired visas. They same men were also interested in pilot school and waging war on American citizens. Not all foreigners are looking to harm the public, but the threat is imminent and real. America must protect and preserve the lives of its nation.

Immigration should be allowed, but granted only to a select few annually and should be monitored with extreme caution with extreme repercussions for any violation.