It is the unthinkable, every parent prays that it never happens to them; But the truth is that it can happen to anyone in a blink of an eye. The lose of a child, which could be a lot of different things, as in death, lost, or kidnapped. In any of these instances your heart breaks for the parent whether it is you, someone you know, or even a stranger. When something happens or goes wrong with a child you the parent are not the only ones affected. The other children in the house hold, other siblings, classmates, friends of the child, grandparents, other family members, and the community. In my thesis I will go over how each of these possibilities and how it affects everyone involved and what you can do to help yourself.
Family Restaurants: What Draws Me There? As new restaurants open in my area and people flock to them in droves, I’ve often wondered what it was about them that drew people there. Are they the same characteristics that draw me there? Is there that one little detail in one restaurant that edges it ahead just a little bit in my favor? So I set out on my journey to analyze two restaurants and find exactly how one manages to become my favorite. There are two restaurants in Morgantown, one of which I recommend highly, the other, not so much. Cheddars, a family style restaurants that serves just about anything, and Red Lobster, a seafood restuarent. Even though both are excellent, the short wait time, coupled with the pricing differences, and types of food being served, caused Cheddars to win out over Red Lobster.