In the United States attending school is expected. Public schools do not cost anything because everything is paid by the state. Children do not wear uniforms and the state takes care of the books and transportation. The only thing the family has to provide is school supplies, which generally do not cost much. In the United States, the parents contribute to the income, and children must be taken care of and prepare them for the future so they can do the same. This is different in the third world countries. Parents do not encourage or school is not required for children. Unfortunately the resources for education are not available in most third world countries. Children contribute to income and they start at a very young age. If education is available, the income they receive is for survival and school fees may be too much for a family to provide.
TRADE IN SOUTH ASIA : PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS By KAZI ASIF AHMED Trade in South Asia is an ancient activity, both within and beyond. South Asia consists of seven countries namely, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, the Maldives, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. South Asian countries, officially known as SAARC countries contain about just over a fifth (21.7%) of the world population, but earns a mere one-sixtieth (1.65%) of the world GNP. South Asian share of the world’s imports and exports are even smaller, namely a little over one-eightieth (1.2%) of world imports and about one-hundredth (0.98%) of world exports. It is noteworthy that while world exports grew about 50.4 percent during a six year period (1994-99), SAARC’s exports to the world grew significantly more, about 80 percent over 1994-99 . During the same period world imports grew 48.9 percent while SAARC’s imports from the world grew 85.8 percent. It shows, overall, that SAARC as a region has been gradually integrating with the world trade, nibbling at a slightly larger share of both the global exports and imports.
This paper investigates the physics behind the fuel cells.Starting from it's meaning ,it's historical origin,to frequently asked questions associated with it ,then we go into some research work performed on it and try to understand it's results .Concluding the paper with discussing our own understanding in the topic.
The pros and cons of Capital Punishment. I will cover the United States citizen’s reaction towards using the death penalty as a form of punishment. Can criminals who commit murder actually be reformed?
Types of Storage While many types of storage exist today, one should strive to choose which type of storage is best for the situation. Some types of storage are hard disk, floppy disk, RAM, CD ROM, tape, and flash or jump Drive. While each type of storage is a type of storage that a person can be use to save personal or profession data not all storage devices are the same. This paper will attempt to explain the different type of storage.