Deviant Behavior – Psychology Essay

In the United States attending school is expected. Public schools do not cost anything because everything is paid by the state. Children do not wear uniforms and the state takes care of the books and transportation. The only thing the family has to provide is school supplies, which generally do not cost much. In the United States, the parents contribute to the income, and children must be taken care of and prepare them for the future so they can do the same. This is different in the third world countries. Parents do not encourage or school is not required for children. Unfortunately the resources for education are not available in most third world countries. Children contribute to income and they start at a very young age. If education is available, the income they receive is for survival and school fees may be too much for a family to provide.

In the United States in most states, parents are required to place their children in school or they may have their children removed from their custody. So for some parts of the world education is a privilege while others focus on just the labor of their everyday life to survive.

Deviant behavior is usually not taken so harsh if the crime is committed by someone with powerful status. There are usually distinction between the powerful and the less powerful. Usually the penalties are more severe for a poor person, such as dealing drugs, or possession of narcotics compared to a person who is of powerful status. Many actors constantly get caught with possession of some sort of drugs and they never go to jail, if they do it is for 24 hours. The media saves this famous people committing these crimes. If an unknown person is caught with the same drugs, same situation, this person will do jail time. Also the treatment in jails is different for powerful or famous person compared to an unknown poor person. Money allows separation, in all factors.