Psych 1100 Community Research Project (Optional Project) The purpose of this project is to familiarize yourself with the role of psychologists. While doing your research, you most likely will be surprised at the number and variety of established services that employ psychologists. You will also learn that as a potential consumer of psychological services, you have the right to ask questions of the service providers. These questions can become important considerations when choosing a particular counselor, therapist, or other service provider.
The rising prices of gasoline and how many miles per gallon a vehicle can achieve are large concerns for today’s drivers. Automobile owners are also reconsidering the impacts of the pollution their vehicles are having on our environment. Automobile manufacturers have been scrambling for more fuel-efficient engines and diving into the development of alternatively fueled vehicles. People are trading in their old gas-guzzling cars for newer more efficient ones. Taking all of these statements into consideration, alternative fuels and when we will begin to use them on a larger scale have become a topic of discussion around the world.
‘Twelve Angry Men’ is a play, written in 1955 by Reginald Rose, that was later turned into a film. A young delinquent is being prosecuted for murdering his abusive father. The jury are to declare him guilty only if there is no reasonable doubt. 11 of the 12 men are unanimous in the decision that the boy is guilty, but one man feels that the evidence needs to be more carefully thought out before sending him to death. The twelve men sit in a hot room all day, with rising tempers and clashing personalities, and the juror who was once standing alone manages to convince all men to reverse their opinion. Throughout the play, the theme of integrity is developed, and Juror’s 3, 4 and 8 all contribute to the way that integrity is presented, through their actions and comments.