Psychology 100 – Community Project

Psych 1100
Community Research Project (Optional Project)

The purpose of this project is to familiarize yourself with the role of psychologists. While doing your research, you most likely will be surprised at the number and variety of established services that employ psychologists. You will also learn that as a potential consumer of psychological services, you have the right to ask questions of the service providers. These questions can become important considerations when choosing a particular counselor, therapist, or other service provider.

The items below are REQUIRED information when appropriate.

• number of employees
• cost of services
• how are payments made
• school of thought (perspective)
• qualifications
• specific problems dealt with (or specialty areas)
• length of treatment
• types of services available
• hours
• average length of treatment (short term program/long term program)
• how to schedule an appointment
• ability to accommodate people with special needs

Your report should also include your impressions of the service provider.

• Were the people friendly?
• Were they courteous?
• Were they willing to talk to you?
• Did you feel comfortable talking to them?
• Were they open to your questions?
• Did you talk directly to the service provider or to the secretary/receptionist?
• Would you feel comfortable going there for some type of service?
• How did you obtain the above information and do you feel it was an adequate method of obtaining such information?

This information should be included in a 1-2 page typed report. Additionally, you must include some type of proof indicating that you actually contacted a service provider (i.e. brochures etc.)
You must address the above items specifically. If the person you talk to doesn’t volunteer the information, it is your responsibility to ask.

Refer to your syllabus regarding the due date.

Note: Relatives and/or school psychologists or other school staff cannot be interviewed for this project. If you have questions as to whether a certain person is acceptable for this project, see me. Points will be deducted if you do not address all of the items above.