As the novel progresses, the scarlet letter changes from a symbol of sin and ignominy to a symbol of strength and benevolence, due to Hester’s actions in the community. When the scarlet letter first appears in chapter two, it is meant to be a symbol of Hester’s shame, and is supposed to make her feel abject. As Hester does charitable deeds throughout the book, it becomes a symbol of her compassion and sympathy.
I interned at Sesame Flyers Bildersee Beacon (SFBB) located at Isaac Bildersee Intermediate School in Brooklyn, New York. It accommodates participants ranging from grades kindergarten through eighth. The participants come from different schools. The building is equipped with an auditorium, gymnasium, cafeteria, classrooms, nurse’s office, and bathrooms.
The Nuremberg trials opened on Nov 20th 1945. The Nuremberg international military tribunal in Nuremberg tried over the many Nazis officials for their participation in the holocaust. The tribunal was composed of 2 judges from each of the following countries: united states , Russia , great Britain , and France . Those who were tried were sentenced from the four counts made to charge the nazi officials with.