Day: March 1, 2010

  • The Lottery by Shirley Jackson

    “The Lottery” is a true expression of Jackson’s genuine thoughts about human beings and their evil capabilities. December 14, 1916, Shirley Jackson was born. When she young she started writing in a journal in 1932. She went to college on and off for a couple of years, until she wrote and published her first book…

  • What is Depression?

    Depression is a very common and widespread disease in today’s society. It is a serious mental disorder that affects every part of a person’s life. Depression can be reduced by knowing the signs and symptoms, how to react, and ways of treatment.

  • Functional Foods, health and prevention

    Functional food or medicinal food is any healthy or fictional food claimed to have a health-promoting or disease-preventing property beyond the basic function of supplying nutrients.[1] The general category of functional foods includes processed food or foods fortified with health-promoting additives, like “vitamin-enriched” products. Fermented foods with live cultures are considered as functional foods with…