Functionalism originated in the United States and initially coexisted with structuralism. Although functionalist beliefs diverged, their emphasis was always the same, the utility of consciousness and behavior in adjusting to the environment. The founder of the functionalist movement is usually thought to be William James (1842-1910). In addition to James, two of the most influential members of the functionalist movement were John Dewey (1859-1952) and James R. Angell (1869-1949).
“Anne Frank: The Diary of A Young Girl”, is a diary written by a Jew girl named Anne. During World War II, the Jews were being chased by the German armies, so the Frank family went to live for 3 years to a secret place. During her time in the “Secret Annex”, Anne went through different maturity stages. But all these changes happened because of the social issues, physical settings, and the political views that Anne had. The most interesting thing is that Anne realized how she grew, internally and externally. The maturity stage that Ann reached at the end, helped her deal with all the final conflicts, before they were caught.
In southern Mexico, lies one of the greatest ruins of the most advanced culture of ancient MesoAmerica. Near the Usumacinta River, Palenque is a Mayan city-state that reached its greatest period during the seventh century CE. When Palenque was first discovered, it was completely overwhelmed by the plantlife of the rainforest. Through time, excavation revealed a massive archaeological site that attracts thousands of tourists each year. What attracts all of these tourists is not the size of the site, but rather the delicate, sophisticated, and intricate architecture and art that has been discovered there.