Since before the Industrial Revolution there had been a need for a better inventory control system. In times before, people would use a system of either ordering their materials beforehand or by ordering their materials as needed. The problem with this was either there would be too much inventory or too little inventory to meet the demand needed. Large quantities of inventory can be very costly for purposes of warehousing and deterioration of the material (e.g. food spoilage, animal infestation, etc...).
“The challenge of Spelling Bee in English” is an article written by Eran Williams, in which he discusses about the importance of spelling in learning English language. He takes American culture as an example but talks in a much broader perspective about the problems associated with learning the language. He addresses the academic community, especially the teachers and gives important suggestions to them regarding the teaching of this language. In essence he calls for a change in attitudes towards the teaching and learning of the English language.
The state plays a very important role in international political economy and is considered as the ultimate decision maker in both economic and political decisions. International Political Economy (IPE) is about the interaction between state and market. Based on tangible and intangible power or, military and economic power, the world can be divided into two blocks: North and South.