Being a young adult is one of the most exciting times in a person’s life, whether you’re in a good situation, or a bad one, it seems that this is a time for most to celebrate and be carefree with whatever they have. Greg Mottola’s Adventureland perfectly portrays this lifestyle in a young James Brennam, a recent college graduate trying to raise money one lackluster summer in his hometown amusement park. For what seems like James’ worst summer yet, turns into an exploration of new people, new places and most importantly new emotions and barrier breakers. This movie presents a great blend of romance and comedy, and a flawless look into life in the eighties. Produced by William Horberg, Adventureland is a delight for all young adults wondering what life was like before their time.
I found “Frozen River” an emotional film. Being a single mother myself I can empathize with both characters! To have a causality occur where you cry all the time because you don’t know how you are going to pay the bills. Not to mention needing to buy gift for a holiday. I would like to say I wouldn’t do the same since I’m going into law enforcement. The truth is I would! I would do anything that needed to be done to insure my children were taken care of! Never to let them know how bad things really were! They do not need to be involved in adult causalities period. Children need to keep there innocents as long as possible. After all in this day and age it is taken from them for to soon as it is.
The Effects of Sports Injuries occur in almost every single sport, not only in those with a high level of contact. Many injuries come from high-intensity sports and are very common, but some may change players for the rest of their lives. Injuries are painful and at that moment they affect player's ability to participate but certain injuries sustained can affect them in the long run. These injuries are very dangerous because sometimes athletes don't even realize they have a serious long-term injury until it is too late. Although the injuries people most hear about are the in professional sports, these injuries occur just as much or maybe even more, with teenagers in middle school or high school. Almost one in five high school students in a contact sport suffers a concussion each season and there are about 300,000 sport-related concussions each year (Washburn 1). Clearly this is currently a major issue in the sport community today. Sports like hockey or football usually contribute most of the concussions but other sports such as basketball, boxing, and even gymnastics are reported yearly to have some concussions. Concussions are just one of many injuries that threaten the lives of all athletes. The NFL is responsible for injuries players receive during their NFL careers and should incorporate a medical disability plan for retired players..
Abstract Ibsen, father of the modern drama, has influenced other playwrights not only in Scandinavia but also in all over the Europe. George Bernard Shaw is one of the greatest playwrights in the word that has been influenced by Ibsen's novelty of techniques in drama. Ibsen was important to Shaw not just as a socialist, social philosopher and not exclusively because of his ideas but in wide variety of ways. This paper is a comparative study of thematic influence of Henrik Ibsen on mature Shaw. The main notification of this paper is to back up thematic influence of Ibsen on Shaw by finding the same ideas and themes in Ibsen's famous play, A Doll's House, then comparing them with ideas in Shaw's play, Candida. Although some Shaw's critics deny that his mind was full of Ibsen, this paper challenges to prove that Shaw frequently employed Ibsen's characters, problems and themes fairly in his own style and fashion.