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Frozen River Essay

I found “Frozen River” an emotional film. Being a single mother myself I can empathize with both characters! To have a causality occur where you cry all the time because you don’t know how you are going to pay the bills. Not to mention needing to buy gift for a holiday. I would like to say I wouldn’t do the same since I’m going into law enforcement. The truth is I would! I would do anything that needed to be done to insure my children were taken care of! Never to let them know how bad things really were! They do not need to be involved in adult causalities period. Children need to keep there innocents as long as possible. After all in this day and age it is taken from them for to soon as it is.

With this story I think it is an absolute definition of poverty. This woman cannot further her career in the minimum wage job that she holds. She cannot afford to buy a double wide trailer that the family so desperately needs. The woman has been working part-time for 3 years with a promise of a full time position. What I got is that not only that she was not going to get more hours but she was very disposable. I believe this is a perfect example of a mixed economy. Then again what situation wouldn’t be an example of a mixed economy?
Then by fate or maybe even luck she ran into the member of the reservation. Someone who has her own causality’s in her life. This is where the differential association theory comes into play. This woman from the reservation had not only learned, but was taught how to smuggle immigrants’ into the country through the reservation. Even though she knew it was still a crime! In which taught the main character the same. In turn they developed a close bond.
I enjoyed watching this film! It did get a few tears out of me as well. I would recommend others to watch this film. Especially mothers who feel lost and lonely! Well maybe not mothers with newborn! It was a very emotional part when the baby was left out in the cold.