When I was an undergraduate student in Computer Engineering major in Sharif University of Technology, in Iran, I was always wondering that among the department of Computer Engineering's student, why the proportion of female students willing to have TA or RA positions is less than male students, Although the numbers of female and male students enrolled in program was almost the same. When I looked at the faculty level, I saw that among 30 faculty members there was just one woman. If you look further in the society, this problem exists as well.
In 2007 Africom started its operations as part of the European Command in Stuttgart, Germany. This is a temporary location, for the permanent location for Africom’s headquarters has still to be chosen. In 2007 several African countries offered to house Africom within their borders, especially because the United States is not planning to add military forces in Africa. The way it was conceived to work was that the central headquarters would be coordinating a group of smaller locations around the continent.
Some of our nation’s most horrific and tragic acts of the past 150 years have occurred by the hands of members of the Ku Klux Klan. The organization’s views on racial supremacy, immigration, and social terrorism are well-documented in the annals of history. Observations into a gathering of this group shed light onto the most profoundly influencing characteristic of this culture: fear. This study will examine the art and language, governance, and organizational survival of the culture, and how these elements contribute to the organization’s mission.