In the case of the Good life, what would the Good life be in the average man or woman’s function of daily life? In Plato's theory on the good life, it rests on the idea that everything has one function, which we are naturally suited for. Why are we suited for this concept, is it in our nature? The beauty, virtue, happiness, and excellence of this particular thing all depend on the fulfillment of this function. In this idea, even man has one function for which he is naturally suited or his gift. This is no easy task for man and women, we are complex beings and our day-to-day way of thinking and pleasures differ from person to person. It’s worth mentioning that we are dictated by nature, that is the same for all people in all circumstances and situations. For we can’t decide for ourselves what this function is in life. That’s why we are constantly seeking out, as a hedonist and avoiding pain and anxiety. Were constantly seeking out pleasures for the flesh and hoping not to conflict them with the spirit and also not to fall into the state of emptiness. In conclusion our existence is a truth, and may be the only truth and good and we should find its certainty.