Charles Nelson Perkins, AO, (born c.1936/1937 in Alice Springs, Northern Territory — died October 19, 2000 in Sydney, New South Wales) was an Australian Aboriginal activist, soccer player and administrator. He was known as Kumantjayi Perkins in the period immediately following his death. Kumantjayi is a name used to refer to a deceased person in Arrernte culture.
Endometriosis is a painful disease in which the uterine lining moves outside the womb and grows in other parts of the body. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis in 2003 but found that I had the disease since my early teens. Far too many doctors still believe that endometriosis is rare in teenagers and young women; I can undoubtedly prove them wrong. Consequently, they do not consider a diagnosis of endometriosis when teenagers and young women come to them complaining of symptoms like period pain, pelvic pain and painful intercourse. The realization that endometriosis could be found in teenagers and young women came about as a result of research by the national endometriosis support groups. Thankfully the research caught the attention of some eminent gynecologist in the 1990s. So , teenagers and young women in their early 20s are not too young to have endometriosis.

A liberal pluralist approach to understanding African media structures and their content

Understanding African media structures and their content can be very complex especially taking into consideration the fact that the continent has embraced democracy. This is mainly so because the media in Africa has mainly two extremes functions. On the one hand the media play a “watchdog” role and on the other it play public relation service to the government.
According to Roe and Urguhart (2001) tourism is one of the world’s largest industries, generating an estimated 11% of global gross domestic product (GDP), employing 200 million people and transporting nearly 700 million international travelers per year- a figure that is expected to double by 2020. Roe and Urhuhart made several observations about pro-poor tourism and made the following summary:- developing countries currently have only a minority share of international tourism market (approximately 30%) but this is growing, international tourism arrival in developing countries have grown by an average of 9.5% per year since 1990 , compared to 4.6% worldwide and tourism industry makes important contributions to the economies of developing countries, particularly to foreign exchange earnings, employment and GDP ( Roe and Urguhart, 2001: 01).
The culture of collaboration is strong in today’s workplace. Collaboration is used in almost every industry in a multitude of situations. Pared down to its bare essentials, collaboration can be defined as “a dynamic process resulting from developmental group stages and as an outcome, producing a synthesis of different perspectives" (Gardner, 2005, p. 2). The success or failure of collaboration depends on the characteristics of the stakeholders that form the group and the dynamics of the group. Often, no formal training regarding collaboration is provided in the workplace. Hence, collaboration efforts fail, leading to a mixed bag of opinions regarding whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages or not. This paper shall explore both sides of the issue.