This is the cosmology in which we believe that God is a forgiving God. It is said that babies are gifts from God. A gift is defined as an endowment of quality or an attribute. As a baby grows from a child into an adult aren’t they still gifts? And do these gifts being that they are human beings have human rights? If those that do believe repent and ask for His forgiveness, He gives it, because God is a forgiving God. No matter whether we are incarcerated because we got caught committing a crime or out walking the street committing crimes as long as we have forgiveness in our hearts God will forgive us.
An exploration of the what went wrong with the Tyco management strategies, resulting in such unethical and illegal corporate behaviors. Ethical behavior and quality workplace culture has gained public attention from the multiple scandals that were prosecuted in 2002. Training In all aspects of governance, leadership behavior, ethics, and compliance review are more prominent today. Training policies for Tyco will provide all staff with the knowledge and skills necessary to take action and improve the responsibility of their individual work areas. Ethical leadership from the top is necessary to define and provide the commitment to quality and culture at Tyco.