Hi, my name is Julie Ann Jacobs. I am the third of four kids, two older brothers and a younger sister. I was born on the 21st day of April in 1900 to the late Jules and Glenda Jacobs. The first place that was home was a rundown apartment in the Fisher Projects of Algiers, Louisiana. My father was determining not to have his children rise in such a place. He work hard as truck driver delving dairy products to local stores and school to save enough money to move his family to a better environment. My family saved up enough money to purchase a three bedroom home in Westwego Louisiana. A year and a half letter my sister was born. With the continues moving in and out of relatives I never really had my bed to sleep in. as a small child around the age of 7 or eight I can remember being molested by a close family member who by the way was not my father. This went on for a few years I was afraid to speak up for I didn’t know what my parent would do to that person. I couldn’t image life without one of my parent. But that soon became a reality. On June 9th 2005 my father was found dead in the bed of his 18wheeler on Georgia. He had passed way of a diet betide coma. This was one of the worst days of my live. In august of the same year our lives were changed because of hurricane Katrina. It was my first week of high school and my family had to move away. For five month my mother my little sister and I had relocated to Donaldsonville Louisiana to stay with family.
I believe that we should we begin to manufacture one of the most destructive and powerful elements on the planet again? Nuclear chemists and engineers say yes, but the public says no. The United States stopped making this element with the United Nations ban on manufacturing nuclear weapons. But, with the continuing problem with our thinning energy resources, some want us to begin using more nuclear energy and less energy from natural resources. This paper is going to discuss what plutonium is, the advantages and disadvantages of its use, and why we should think about restarting our production of this useful element.