It is true that vast amounts are spent on space exploration while people suffer from terrible poverty around the world. With the money spent on space exploration, wells could be dug, farmlands could be developed, medicine could be bought, schools and colleges could be built and teachers, doctors and nurses could be trained. I understand all the reasons for spending money on better things, but I also strongly believe that it is necessary that the human race should continually strive to develop our technology and broaden our horizons.
My beliefs are and have always been that a child should never be hit. Some people may think that spanking is not considered hitting, but to me it is in every way. Technology and getting in touch with how people think, learn, and react to things is so advanced now that there are so many different and more effective ways to discipline a child who is misbehaving that spanking should be out of the question.
I took The DISC Platinum Rule Behavioral Style Assessment test this week. Behavioral styles are an integral part to the dynamics of team or group and in order to have effective team, individual must understand personal behavioral style to make up with others in organization or team.