Should money be spent on space research

It is true that vast amounts are spent on space exploration while people suffer from terrible poverty around the world. With the money spent on space exploration, wells could be dug, farmlands could be developed, medicine could be bought, schools and colleges could be built and teachers, doctors and nurses could be trained. I understand all the reasons for spending money on better things, but I also strongly believe that it is necessary that the human race should continually strive to develop our technology and broaden our horizons.

The technology that put men on the moon, launched space shuttles and will build a space station has found its way into everyday life on earth. Common secondary uses of space research are called spin-offs. The common smoke detector used in homes was first prepared for spacecrafts as a warning system. Computer bar codes in retail stores, shock absorbing shoes used by tennis players and athletes, lightweight materials used for helmets and sporting materials and non stick coating used in pans were all first developed as part of space research.

Space technology has provided many benefits to the medical field as well. Pace makers used to treat cardiac as well as remote monitoring devices for intensive care patients and portable medical equipment carried aboard ambulances are but a few applications of space technology providing daily benefits in hospitals, offices and homes.

To conclude I can say that it is basic human nature to strive to discover the unknown and we can progress in all ways by unlocking the secret of the stars. So the money is well spent on space exploration.