Listening, the process of taking in what we hear and mentally organizing it to make sense of it, is invaluable component of the communication process. Listening is an essential skill for those who want to be successful in work and in life ( Janasz, 2006, p138 ). Especially for us international students, listening plays an irreplaceable role in our daily life. If our listening is poor, we can not
In my opinion capital punishment is morally not right. I am from Germany, were death penalty is nowadays prohibited by law for many years. Everybody is able to live there as an individual and around the next corner will not someone be waiting to kill you. But I think in some cases it would be very helpful to make capital punishment legal, as in the case of serial killers or people that do not learn
“The Road Not Taken” has many different interpretations. Everyone is a traveler choosing the roads to follow on their continuous journey in life. When reading this poem it all depends on your life experiences in the past, present, and your outlook on the future how you interpret it.