The Black Cat and The Fall of the House of Usher are two very different yet parallel stories. For example, though the stories are different, Poe uses very similar themes for both of them. One theme is Passion. In both the stories, one of the main characters has had a passion for something or the other- The Black Cat: the narrator’s passion for animals and in The Fall of the House of Usher: Roderick Usher’s passion for music and the arts. Poe shows that passion can be expressed in many ways, no matter what state of mind the person is in. Perhaps this could be an indirect reference to himself, how, though he was an opium addict, he had a passion for writing and the opium did not stop him from expressing it.
Emily Grierson is an unstable women who becomes isolated after the death of her father. Her father was the only love she ever experienced, only because her father did not allow her to experience the joys of doing things on her own nor the feelings of love and friendship. She lives a life void of love and affection. During this time Emily falls in love with
A public policy issue that is fairly new is that of hate crimes. After Matthew Shepard was brutally beaten and left to die, and did, people began to understand the magnitude of these hate crimes and wanted to do something. I have found many web sites and legislation on the subject that support laws against hate crimes. Although most people think hate crimes are specifically against homosexuals, many other people are affected by them. Hate crimes are committed based on gender and race, ethnicity and religion as well as physical disability. Laws prohibiting hate crimes would be beneficiary for many people from many different backgrounds. After September 11, many hate crimes were committed against people of any kind of Arab background. Many people are at risk of becoming a victim of a hate crime, and there is legislation out there to try to prevent them from happening. Prevention is very
Walking down a school hall with shiny waxed marble flooring and smooth stone walls so high they could have reached heaven I wondered what it would be like coming to this school. Moving farther down the hall I came upon two massive doors. I gazed upon a magnificent gym that could hold 2000 cheering fans. On one wall stood a trophy case full of trophies
Bills of rights have been put in place in many countries and are powerful documents. Australia is one of the few countries in the world and the only western nation in the world which hasn’t put in place a Bill of Rights. Although traditionally Australia has a good record of protecting our basic human rights, lately some citizens have found their
A well functioning bond market is imperative for the development of a nation’s economy and ensuring the financial sector stability. This paper gives an overview of the current structure of Fixed Income Securities Market Pakistan and its functioning. The paper also focuses on the key obstacles which are in