Day: March 24, 2008

  • Character Analysis of Sammy in Updike’s “A & P”

    Sammy works at an A & P grocery store near the beach. He works the cash register and is seemingly an ordinary nineteen year old boy. One day at work, Sammy sees three girls enter the grocery store, each girl wearing only a two piece bathing suit. Immediately he begins to analyze each girl and…

  • My Antonia by Willa Cather

    From two different places, from two different worlds, it is amazing how two people with separate pasts can come together and form an enigmatic bond. Willa Cather captured this in My Antonia between its two main characters, Jim and Antonia.

  • Devoloping an Effective Message

    THE OBJECTIVE: Encourage participants to take action and meet specific Health Care goals, and get them to comply with in a set amount of time. MOTIVATE PARTICIPANTS: Display notes, notices, messages, charts, and posters in advance of the meeting. Set up time to work with the participants who have small changes to be made in…