Why do people all over the world learn foreign languages? Perhaps because the world is getting smaller, in a way: nations are more closely linked with each other than ever before, companies operate world-wide, scientists of different nationalities co-operate, and tourists travel practically everywhere. The ability to communicate with people from other countries is getting more and more important. Before learners of a foreign language are able to communicate, they have to acquire many skills. They must learn to produce unfamiliar sounds. They must build up a vocabulary. They must learn grammar rules and how to use them. And, last but not least, they must develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and learn how to react in a variety of situations
The Picture of Dorian Gray - Film Essay The MGM film “The Picture of Dorian Gray” was directed by Albert E. Lewis, in i945.This film was based upon Oscar Wilde´ s unique novel which has the same name. Lewis was an American filmmaker, producer and