Centralized vs. Decentralized Methods in IT - Current Issues Research Paper Centralization of information technology resources refers to organizing all technology related services into a single business unit that then provides services to the entire organization. An excellent non-IT example of this practice is the method in which major airlines centralize their flights through "hubs". Instead of flying directly from every airport to every other one, the "connections" are centralized through the hubs to make things run more efficiently.
Outsourcing Information Systems - Current Issues Research Paper (400 Level Course) How many times have you heard about “the dangers of outsourcing”? However in reality it is nothing more than a beautiful campaign slogan because most of America would jump on your wagon and proclaim that you truly have the working man in your heart. However the federal government’s household survey shows more than 139 million Americans are working today and the unemployment rate is holding steady at a relatively low % 5.5, even with taking growth into account.