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Wilson Tennis Balls – Business Essay

Wilson Tennis Balls – Business Essay
Wilson Sports has design and perfected many products for today’s tennis athletes. Wilson Sports market’s products such as performance wear and sports products. The Wilson name can be seen on footballs, basketballs, and tennis

balls. Wilson is a key sponsor on the tennis circuit. Wilson’s tennis ball has been the official tennis ball for the US Open since 1979. In the 2005 US Open championship series, the tennis ball of choice was Wilson’s Extra Duty. This Extra Duty tennis ball is rated the most durable ball on the market, in a survey of all tennis players male and female on the ATP and WTA.

Wilson’s tennis ball product is one of the most tested of Wilson’s products. The Extra Duty tennis ball is manufactured for star tennis players needs. The balls can be purchased from four categories: Performance, Competitive, Training and Recreational. Each category has selectively designed balls and many come in different “screaming” colors.

The price range for Wilson’s high performance products vary. The type and usage for each tennis ball is different. The Wilson’s Extra Duty ball ranges from $2.99to $4.99. This tennis ball is used mostly with professional tennis players or tennis competitions. The Wilson’s Championship ball ranges from $2.49 to $4.99. This tennis ball is used for serious players looking to make the leap into the professional circuit. The Wilson’s Screamer balls can be purchased for about $2.99. This ball is for recreational usage. It’s durable and more dense. The Wilson’s Winners tennis ball ranges from $2.99 to $17.99. This ball is for youth that are in training and are just learning the game of tennis. In most cases the tennis balls are purchased in a can of three but they can be bought in packs of nine or even twelve on the Wilson Sports web site. The quantity of balls purchased will also reflect in price.

Wilson tennis balls can be purchased at several locations. They can be ordered off the Internet as sites such as, in sporting goods stores, recreation centers and complexes, and even places such as country clubs in their club house. The placement of the Wilson tennis ball in very important. One wants to make sure that is positioned in convenient locations that may appear to tennis players.

Wilson tennis balls are well known through out tennis. It is the official ball of many pro tournaments such as The Davis Cup and The US Open. Special balls are made and used in these tournaments which provides promotion for Wilson Sports and their tennis ball. Also for promotion you may find a television commercial where Wilson Sports is advertising the use of the balls. Another advertising technique that may be used is and ads in a magazines, maybe one that appears to athletes.

In the end, Wilson Sports dominates the tennis industry. Many automatically associate Wilson Sports with tennis. Wilson Sports equals Wilson tennis balls. Wilson Sports have to carefully place and promote the tennis ball. Tennis is not a sport that is as common as football, but appeals to many middle to upper class citizens. It would be a mistake to place an ad in Vibe magazine instead of Sports Illustrated. In the end the Wilson tennis ball speaks for itself through performance however the product information, promotion, price and place of distribution are very important to the marketing division at Wilson Sports to keep the product association alive.