Water Resource Plan, Point Source water pollution

The water resource issue I selected was point source pollution-water pollution. Water pollution originated from the birth of human civilization. Human waste was the first pollutant that contributed to how our water system is today. In time human waste has sought its way through to bodies of water all over the world. Many pollutants that have made their way into the earth’s water include oil, garbage, sewage, debris, fertilizers and chemicals.

Personally, I believe that a sustainment plan that could alleviate the water pollution problem will take years to implement and extreme educational efforts. In my efforts to create a sustainment plan to alleviate water pollution involves many steps. Primarily, the world needs to understand the effects that can be produced by water pollution if not already taking effect. Water pollution effects can include but not limited to waterborne infectious diseases, nutrient pollution, chemical contamination, marine debris, thermal pollution and a cost to consumers.

In my sustainment plan I would issue warnings to educate the population of the effects of water pollution by television, pamphlets, and radio. A presentation will also be proposed in person to all individuals outlining with photographs, actual stories and how the world’s budget could be affected by lone term cleanup efforts. Efforts to educate population would be made available to all within the community as well as advocating other communities for this special emergency education.
At this time there is a bit of difficulty finding opposing viewpoints to water pollution. I believe that people are aware of water pollution but in some instances just do not know how to make a positive impact on the earth to assist in reducing or stopping the pollution. Unfortunately, there are people out there who do not care of the cost physically, environmentally and monetarily. Executives of Texas Oil and Gathering, Inc were arrested and tried in court of law for the illegal dumping of crude oil. These men did not care of the effects that the dumping would take on the earth. This action possibly has caused some major damage for fresh drinking water availability.

A problem that results in water pollution is animal waste. Animal waste is collected through sewer drains and other forms of run-off. This poses an added problem to the water pollution because animals usually stay outside. To assist in the prevention of water pollution, some cities have imposed strict city ordinances making all dog walkers in parks to collect animal waste and discard appropriately.

There are many challenges that I may be faced with in order to implement my plan. One challenge that I have to face is being very well educated with all the aspects of water pollution. Personally, I need to reach deep down inside and clearly state my thoughts on the issue at hand and the inevitable. People need to understand the delicate details that are embedded around water pollution. As far as limitations go the only setback that I see can be that of funding. Funding plays an intricate role in the ability to deliver the education of water pollution. Some people may be open to receive this information with thoughts of making a better effort towards positively affecting water pollution.
My plan affects the community in a vast way because realistically the world as a whole will be affected as well. In order to reduce the cost to consumer together we all have to engage this issue with the utmost urgency. Jobs are the way of life in this day in age; people must know the importance of preventing water pollution to safeguard our children’s futures and generations to come. One topic that people need to view is the likelihood of resource depletion in regards to water pollution. If we keep on pollution our water sources there is a large chance that we will not be able to eat fish or for that matter even drink water. These resources are needed to ensure the life of humans and animals on this earth. Lifestyles can change due to the affects of water pollution. In the future, it may be unsafe or impossible to swim in bodies of water. This indeed would open up a new assortment of disadvantages to our way of life. Acting now and continuing the education of the human population will assist in slowing down pollution as well as reaching the goal of stopping it completely.


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