Walt Whitman – A narrative of the life of Douglass – American Literature Essay (100 Level Course)
Walt Whitman was one of the most forward-looking poets and writers in America. His writing style showed how he thought of America at that time and reflected his views on current affairs and what might happen in the future. Whitman wrote Leaves of Grass, which was a praise on everything that was American.

Whitman praised its people and the common American was mentioned several times as being the most important part of the country. Whitman emphasized and talked a lot about the American ways of life as being the best of its kind and as an example to other democracies.

He thought of America as a nation of nations due to its citizens who are originally from other nations and the race of races due to its multi racial culture. Whitman also talked about the American poet and the way he depicts America helps its citizens understand more.

Whitman was a poet and writer whose idea and lifestyle were ahead of its time. He was truly a visionary and great thinker.