Trauma Of Nature

When the sorrow strikes the door of heart, life seems restless with no glimpse of hope. Tears becomes dry in the ocean of eyes. Faces give no reaction. pain is what is left in the end, yet we live we die this is life but WHY?.. A supernatural force what we called as God has created this planet with some parameters, but in the greediness of having more and more has killed our moral and social values. We all have become mean, but for what we are doing so may be for our generations but do we know till that time it will be too late for them to enjoy the materialistic pleasure we have endorsed for them.

I feel sorry for all human beings as they feel they are smart enough, but we all are greedy and cunning, hard to accept but except it. truth is truth, hard to believe and except. Enjoy today but do not spoil your tomorrow. By the time it is too late my words will be meaningless. The trauma of attack of nature will be hard and brutal. No one can cope with it never it was never it will be. Please do not avoid in the fear of wasting time and pleasure. think what we are doing. the time is running like a sweet poison. react now or ?