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Top 5 Inventions Since 1945

Top Five Innovations Since 1945

Imagine your life with no cell phone , computer or Internet, wouldn’t you go crazy?Where would the world be without the cell phone the satellite, the M.R.I., the personal computer, or the Internet? Without these innovative objects the world would be at a standstill. There would be no cellular communication, people would not know if they had brain tumors or cancer, or other various diseases. Without the M.R.I, without personal computers people would not be able to accomplish tasks required in their day to day jobs, and without the Internet, well we wouldn’t be able to do extensive research for this project. The cell phone provides people with the necessary communication needed for their lives.

Cell phones allow everyone to stay adequately connected with one another. The first cell phone was created in 1973 by Dr. Martin Cooper. Nowadays, cell phones do far more then just calling, they allow the user to text message, email, listen to music, take pictures, and access the Internet. All with blazing fast speed getting faster every day with the new 3G networks. With all these features, a cell phone enhances productivity, such as emailing clients on the go or checking show times at a movie theater when a computer is not present. If people lose their cell phones, they would not know what to do.

Communications between people would be cut off. The world would not allow proper cellular communication. Another important invention since 1945 is the M.R.I.

Another very important invention is the M.R.I. M.R.I. stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. The M.R.I. was invented by Dr. Raymond V. Damadian in 1973. The M.R.I offers people a new way to take a closer look at people’s brains, hearts, arteries, and other bodily parts for microscopic analysis. The M.R.I looks much more extensively beneath the humans skin to see even the littlest things that could affect a humans life, such as blood clots, and tumors. Without M.R.I. technology many people would suffer from unknown deformities within their body. The M.R.I. has helped many people out and has developed a tremendous amount over the past years. The results of the M.R.I. are very thorough and can show details of the scan that would never be seen even by the best doctors in the world. Another thing about the M.R.I. is that the machine is relatively compact for its greatness. The clarity of the scans is what places this machine above all others. Moreover, the personal computer also helps and create convenience to many people.

The personal computer is necessary for everyday personal and business related tasks. A personal computer is used to program and control everything from machinery to writing a paper of the top five inventions since 1945. Personal computers allows communication between business related work as well as personal matters. Personal computers also provide entertainment for its users. This includes videos, games, music, and photographs. Before the personal computer, typewriters were the method that someone would use to create a typed word documents. However, personal computers make creating word documents a breeze. Personal computers allow a user to create various programs and share them with one another. Personal computers, could be argued to be, the best invention in the history of the world. Another invention that impacted the world to many degrees, that would not be possible without the computer, is the Internet.

The Internet is a central intelligence base for virtually everything that exists in the world today. The Internet allows people to communicate, share files such as, music, pictures, and videos. The Internet also provides a second part to many people businesses. The businesses can conduct more business than what they already do in the store on-line. The Internet can increase the productivity of almost everyone who has a computer. If you are working on a project it is much quicker to just go to Wikipedia or Google than it is to search through an actual encyclopedia page by page, until you find every last detail you need. Therefore this makes a students very stressful life a lot easier. Another new great thing that the Internet has to offer are sites such as Facebook that allow people of all ages to communicate and chat post pictures and videos and set a real time status of what they’re doing. People think it would be easy to give up the Internet, but in fact a lot of peoples lives are spent on the Internet. Without satellites communications would be nearly impossible.

The Satellites that we have in space today control almost every wireless device. The first satellite that was launched into space was the Sputnik launched by the Russians in 1957. Every wireless cell phone signal, call, email, or text message goes through the Satellites. The satellites also control television for the television providers such as DirectTV. The world would enter a kind of Stone Age with no satellites because without it these cell phones would not work, Internet would not work, and t.v’s would not have service.

As you can see, it is clear as to what the five greatest inventions are since 1945. All the above stated are what make up are highly technological society. Without these innovative inventions our society would consist of corruption and unnecessary hardships geared towards everyday activities. Our modern day society would not function properly, if we were lacking these five best innovations. These five innovations not only provide a luxury and a form of convenience, but also provide a sense of security during your day to day lives. These five beneficial innovations provide a world with a better understanding and a higher level of convenience that without, would crumble into pieces.