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“Tomorrow When The War Began” by John Marsden

In the tomorrow series by John Marsden, “Tomorrow when the war began,” seven friends, Ellie, Homer, Lee, Fi, Robyn, Corrie and Kelvin go through a number of devastating problems. There are friendships,

relationships and life risking problems. It all started of with a fun little camp in the bushes, but turned out to be something that will turn there lives completely around.

Ellie was an important person in the novel. She was the one to firstly think of going out in the bushes and she was also the one that made up mostly the decisions after the invasion. She definitely had grown much more self-confident during the novel, but she isn’t like all teenagers; she will always try to confront humongous challenges. I think she has shown to everyone that she is a person that can confront anything she wants IF she wants to!

Homer, another very important person in the novel. He is also like Ellie; he is the leader of the group with Ellie. He also makes all the decisions with Ellie. He is the oldest in the group so that’s why maybe he’s the leader of the group. He finds out that he starts to like Fi, more than he thinks he does, throughout the novel. I think he was a great leader in the group, not only he was really man-like and the oldest, but he shows respect to all the other friends, that he really wants to help them.

Fi is the perfect girl or person in the group. She’s been raised in a wealthy family, so she hasn’t gone through much in her life, until the invasion. She started of being the one that was scared the most, until she stood up, and tried to confront all the challenges with the other six friends. She definitely had changed a lot throughout the novel; she has learnt to confront challenges. She has really stood up for herself, showing that she’s not just a girl that can’t to anything, apart from staying home, enjoying herself or playing the piano, she has shown that she can help her friends, and become apart of a group.

Lee, also a main character in the novel and is also the smart one in the group. Because he’s the smart one in the group, he thinks up a lot of the ideas for the group. So you can say he also plays an important part in the decision-making. He was shot in the leg during the invasion, but managed to recover from the injury. He also goes through a relationship with Ellie in the novel. You can tell from the novel he has true feelings for Ellie, and he’ll help Ellie in anyway she needs to.

In my opinion, I think all the seven friends have gone through a lot. Ellie, Homer, Fi, Lee, Robyn, Chris and Corrie had all shown themselves to everyone that they can be in a team and confront challenges together. So I think they’ve really all done what they can do, they’ve all been in life risking situations but they’ve still managed to stay together, and all help each other, if anyone needs a hand.