“The Tomorrow Series” – by John Marsden

In the tomorrow series by John Marsden, “Tomorrow when the war began,” seven friends, Ellie, Homer, Lee, Fi, Robyn, Corrie and Kelvin go through a number of devastating problems. There are friendships,

relationships and life risking problems. It all started of with a fun little camp in the bushes, but turned out to be something that will turn there lives completely around.

Ellie was the person that organised the camp, to go out into the bushes. They’ve been in the bush for about two days now, until Ellie, got up to go to the toilet in the middle of the night, where she sees and hears planes flying above her. In the next day everyone was talking about the planes that were flying in the night, and Lee said that there might be a World War 3, but what they don’t know is that there really is a World War 3.

Finally it was about to leave the bushes, they firstly head off for Ellie’s house. When they get there, they found themselves in the worst situations they’ve ever been in. Firstly there was no one walking the in the streets, they could not see any sign of anyone, and the dogs of Ellie’s, were all dead. They tried the powers, but nothing was working, they finally figured out that something suspicious is going on. They tried everyone else’s house, but still no sign of anything. Until they reached Corrie’s house where they see a fax sent by her dad, telling them that terrorists have invaded there country, and the seven friends cannot believe what they are looking at.

They made up the decision of splitting into small groups, and try to find out what is exactly going on around Wirrawee. Every time they would split up they would say a place to meet up at after each journey. Ellie and Homer would usually make up the decisions in the group, since they are more older, and mature.

After a lot of journeys and discoveries, they have been in life risking situations. Lee has been shot in the leg, and he was hid in his parent’s restaurant. But all the other six friends though it was too dangerous to leave him there, so they went to the restaurant in a car, because Lee could not walk, but unfortunately they were found by the patrols and were chased, but they were lucky enough to escape.

They’ve finally decided to go back to the bushes, to where they had been a while ago. When they went back to the bushes, Ellie discovers a radio that can pick up stations from around the globe, and she hears from a USA station about the war going on at Wirrawee. The group then starts to make up plans again, to return back to Wirrawee, and try to save there families…

The story ends in a very unpleasant way, Corrie is seriously wounded, and Kelvin takes here straight to the hospital. But there are still happy ending in the story, there friendships are growing very well, even though some might have ended with some people and there are also relationships between Ellie and Lee and Homer and Fi.