That Which I Am Feeling – Creative Writing Essay

That Which I Am Feeling – Creative Writing Essay
I have experienced or am experiencing pretty much every feeling that can be thought of. While learning about emotions I have learned that instead of using words such as happy, sad, and mad, I can now use more specific words

to describe what I am feeling or have felt. I am a very sensitive, affectionate, and confident person. I believe in myself fully and I tend to get very emotional when something happens. Such as a death even if I don’t know the person, a sad movie or sad song, a homeless person, or as simple as someone getting picked on at school or being by themselves. I am also very optimistic, understanding, and friendly. I tend to always look or at least try to look at the upside of things and never the negative side. I am an understanding person, if someone asked me for forgiveness I would grant it with almost no thought. I think I come off as a friendly person. I am easy to be around and you never have to worry about criticism from me unless it’s constructive criticism.

When I am angry I tend to keep it to myself a lot of times because I don’t like to take my anger out on others around me. Other than that, almost any emotion I feel I let others know about it. If I am frightened, they know, if I am concerned, worried, or joyful I let people know about it. I am a very social person and like to communicate and let others know what I am feeling. Also my facial expressions you can tell a lot of times what I am feeling or thinking. The emotions I would hide would be emotions such as anger, dislike and hypocritical feelings. Some of the strongest emotions I experience are love, happiness, concerned, frustrated, important, and enthusiastic. My wonderful family and social life bring about my happiness, feeling important and enthusiastic, and the great feeling of knowing I am loved. The problems of the world, school, and girls bring about my concerned and frustrated emotions. I handle my emotions by allowing others to know what I am feeling. I hardly ever hold anything in, I like to let it all out and let everyone know what’s going on and what I am experiencing. I almost always express my emotions, unless I am feeling something that would hurt someone else’s feelings such as dislike.

I personally find it easier and better to express positive emotions such as happiness, thoughtfulness, and optimistic emotions. I would much rather be around a happy person than a miserable person. If I were miserable or depressed all the time I wouldn’t have many friends and not a lot of people would like to be around me because I would bring them down with me. But most of the time I actually bring them up to me. My emotions are telling me that my career in life will have something to do with human aid. I like to help people and I enjoy it very much. My sensitivity, thoughtfulness, and always being concerned will lead me to this career. I had full confidence that I will succeed in what I would like to do. My emotions have definetley changed from being a young boy into a growing teenager. I used to just float through life without caring and not being so open with my emotions. But now I am concerned about many things and am very open with my emotions. I feel this is the right way to be. If someone is always closed off and doesn’t express what they are feeling, they will have a lot of anger built up inside and explode on someone. That kind of person wouldn’t be good to be around.

I think being truthful to myself and others around me about my emotions is very important. If I did not understand the emotional me then I would always be uncertain. I would not be able to express myself the way I would like to and people would misunderstand the real me. The way I present myself everybody can see the real me and I would like to keep it that way. The best advice about my emotions I received from this chapter is that emotions have no “moral” value, but the actions attached to them do. It is ok to feel angry, hateful, and negative as long as bad actions don’t result from these emotions. I know do not have to be worried that what I am feeling is “wrong” because no emotion is “wrong”.

Thanks to this chapter on emotions and all of our discussions and worksheets I now have a much bigger vocabulary to describe my emotions. This will help me to identify what I am feeling so I can let others know and I can receive even more help then before.