Team Communication

As companies find that sharing ideas creates a more productive work environment, they are encouraging their employees to work as a team. Effective communication is a key element to build among team members.

Once a team is formed, communication processes are integrated. The team becomes familiar with each other’s actions and collectively uses these actions to their advantage. Past experiences are discussed and the knowledge of each member’s strength and weaknesses begins to develop.

The strengths and weaknesses that have been identified can help the team to learn from each other and grow together. This will create a positive atmosphere in which individuals can feel more comfortable to share their ideas with their team.
Conflicts will arise from time to time. They occur for different reasons such as an influence from another team member. For example, an individual may try to persuade the leader into going along with a suggestion that he/she has made. The member continues to bargain with the leader until the leader can reach a solution to compromise. Other members may not be satisfied with the new change.

Problem solving begins among the group to try to overcome any obstacles. The group must discuss the conflicts and try to empathize with the current situation in order to resolve it efficiently. Depending on the obstacle, a tremendous amount of understanding may be required. Often times, people pass judgment too quickly. This tends to happen because the team is still in the process of developing and trust has not yet been fully established.

Lack of communication will occur when an individual feels that they can not put their trust into another team member. They are no longer willing to share their ideas. They also become afraid to disagree with others.

A team project will only be successful if the team is open to considering all ideas that have been given. After decisions have been made, they must reach a consensus as a team.

Effective communication is extremely important when working as a team. A strong bond is formed. Once a relationship has been established, the results are endless.