Technology Intergrated Into Our Lives

The recent development of technology made possible for us to live in ways that have never been possible before. From accessing massive information to enriched personal lifestyle, technology continues to push the

boundary of our living standard every day. It is undoubtedly true that technology is increasingly becoming an important part of our daily lives.

Since Internet was first released, it has changed and improved in many ways. It is foolish to underestimate the change that easy and widespread access to the Internet has made to our way of life. The web is now so popular, fast and common that it has become a part of our everyday life, changing the method of how we share and finding information, staying in touch, real-time online services, and even helping people with disability.

Surfing the Internet is a global phenomenon. It has been expanded its reach and influence. It is an individual’s online public commentary on whatever takes their interest on a particular day. For instance, Employers want to hire employees; they post job with description and qualification that are looking for that position in their website. The other side, employees who are looking for jobs, search job postings and if they found jobs that are interested in, they sent e-mail or fax their resume. Also they can search the company profile in website where is information of company history, products, and job environment. Actually I am doing this way for searching job as well.

Another simple example of the technological improvement bringing changes to our everyday life would be mailing. We used to write letters to stay in touch with those living far away, and if our correspondent was very special, we used our trusty film cameras to take pictures and include them in the letter. The process would have included developing the photographs-waiting anywhere from an hour to days to get the prints. We’d then hand over the cash, go home, put everything in the envelope, stick a stamp on it and post it off. Nowadays, we grab our digital camera, take as many shots as we want, upload them directly on to our PCs, attach a copy to an e-mail and send it off into the recipient. No more delivery charges, no more postage is needed, regardless of the time. It is even possible to send Spam-mails to hundreds of people in an instant!
People with certain disabilities can also benefit from the technological advancement People with disabilities can receive enquiries via Internet, phone or fax. They can equip themselves with machines that can help them move, communicate, work or relax. Medical support is made a lot easier with patient monitoring equipments. Future technological discoveries will probably further increase the living of the disabled.
A whole new revolution in technology has sprung up dedicated to providing new ways to improve productivity, in the process changing how we communicate and allowing us to fit ever more into our ever busier lives. I wonder what the future holds for us and the Internet, and if services like Google Earth are anything to go by, the future is going to be pretty amazing stuff.

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