Success In College Depends On What – English Essay

Success In College Depends On What – English Essay
Every student that attends college faces many difficulties due to the busy schedule, and even more when he or she has a full-time job. These difficulties

may cause in them feeling of withdrawal from classes or leaving school completely, but, a series of techniques have to be develop to avoid serious problem like those mention before. For students to perform well and be successful, they most have many different attitudes towards studies, but some are extremely important. Responsibility, be organized, and attend class every day are techniques that every student should practice in order to do their best in college.

To understand the future, you have to understand the past. The same applies in all college courses; every class depends on another, by missing one, or being late, the process of understanding the rest of the classes will be more challenging. That is why sucessful students take going to class everyday seriously. Not only to help in having good notes and all the information that pertains to the class, but it will let the professor know that you are trying and interested in learning. So in the event that one day you have an emergency that requires you to miss class. The professor will be more likely to work with you on your absense and give you the work required.

Responsibility is a very important characteristic that good students must have to be able to successful in college and in life. Responsible students will be able to have a greater balance between all the classes he or she is taking and all other activities in their life. At the time a class was missed, only the responsible student will announce it before hand, ask for the work given on that day, and do all the homework. When the professor askes questions about the material, those students who have been reponsible will show a greater understanding.

Being an organized students is also a key element in success. A full-time student with two or three classes per day will encounter multiple homework assignments or project deadlines that overlap. It will be harder if those task are due the same day, that is when planning and being organized becomes crucial. It is helpful to prioritize problems, and by doing so, they should be able to complete their work.

A proper attitude and study techniques are not the only thing needed to obtain success, there a lot more depending on your special circumstances. But, by practicing those mentioned you are on your way to acheiving your goals.