Success In Business Through Ethics – Business Essay

Success In Business Through Ethics – Business Essay
I believe it is imperative to adhere strongly to ethics in order to succeed in both the personal and business aspects of your life. Applying this to my job I am constantly playing by the rules to uphold our company’s

clean image. It is rare for a young company to maintain high ethical standards; however so far my company has succeeded.

In order to further my company’s growth in this area, we believe knowledge is the key. We are constantly looking for workshops and training sessions to make sure all employees are well versed in the ethics arena of business. We are confident that each employee will withhold strongly to the rules of our company. One of the most important aspects of a company is honesty; one white lie can tarnish a company’s reputation forever. In checking the invoices one month we noticed that a company had paid double what they should have, instead of seeing if they would notice first, which is what most companies would do, we alerted them right away and fixed the problem as soon as possible. This shows that we have been very thorough in maintaining our spotless record.

In my personal life I have been told a number of times I have very strong morals. I believe in doing what’s right when nobody is looking and treating others as I would like to be treated. I have found money and credit cards on several occasions and always turn it in to the nearest lost and found. One night surfing after surfing I notice a lady and her young child sopping wet standing in the parking lot. I asked if they needed any help, turns out she had locked her keys in her car. I let her borrow my cell phone and gave them each a dry towel and offered them a ride. The next weekend my board bag with my only set of keys in it was stolen from the beach, and thankfully somebody did the same for me.

There is nothing more frustrating than having to deal with a company or person without good ethics. It’s not always easy to uphold strong morals but in the long run I strongly believe it is always worth it.