Sports and Leisure Facilities Requires Economical Growth – Business 250 Word Essay

Sports and Leisure Facilities Requires Economical Growth – Business 250 Word Essay
The owners of the company that you work for want to provide sports and leisure facilities for employees but have a limited amount of money to expend. Write a report (250 words) stating which facilities would be more appropriate for your staff and suggesting an economical means by which this might operate. This report is the product of the need of the management of

our company to find a way to help the employees of the same to cope with the stress they might suffer due to the everyday effort they make to help in our worldwide expansion. A meeting with thirty members of our staff has been held in order to share opinions and reach a conclusion.

There was general agreement that, despite the fact that our staff work continuously under a lot of pressure and that the importance of the team work in our company is essential, the activities and facilities that the “Reserva Natur” offers could perfectly suit the needs of both the company and the individuals.

The “Reserva Natur” is located in a quiet and natural area close to Puigpunyent, and offers three different packages for companies, which are the following:
Relaxation package: hiking excursions, swimming in lakes and picnics inside the park for those who feel the need of relaxing.

Adventure package: activities like climbing, canoeing, diving, etc. for those who look for something exciting.
Team building activities: those are games that involve a high participation of all the members of the team. Some examples are: paint-guns fights, mud-fights,…

It was unanimously agreed that the team building activities are very good for the collaboration between the members of the team because at the same time that they play, they try to achieve a common objective. Those activities also help in knowing better each other and meeting people from other departments.

It has been proposed that a five per cent of the annual incomes of the company could be used to finance the project. Alternatively the staff would accept not to receive any Christmas gifts from the company but to go to the “Reserva Natur” at least three times per year.