Sony Corp. Business Case study

In an economy that thrives thoroughly on technology and progression itself, there are many companies that have taken advantage of the opportunities that have been offered to them through science. Because of the continuous growth in technology, companies have been able to find ways to further their success by offering competitive products and service. One company, in particular, that has taken full advantage of this feature is Sony. This company alone has had tremendous success because of their strategic ways of thinking and their unbelievable talent in taking advantage of every ounce of new technology that is able to be utilized. But also by taking advantage of online commerce or e-commerce Sony has grown greatly.

The history of the Sony world is an excellent indication of how much work and time has been put into developing the nation’s leading supplier of the electronic world. Sony shocked the world when they released the first ever CD player. They dropped jaws when they introduced this device that could play music and was also conveniently portable. After this brilliant experience the founder of Sony, Tsurushima decided that it wasn’t enough. He and his colleagues set off immediately to find a way to create yet another compact disk player that not only would do the same thing, but also be smaller, and more affordable. Being able to cut down the costs of the semi-conductors used, and the optical pickup device, were the two key ingredients that would launch Sony into profit. The countless claims of impossibility only catapulted these dedicated employees further into the want and need for a better device. Finally, in 1983 despite all the negative remarks and doubts, Sony came up with the exact technology that it would take to build and create a CD player that was one-tenth the size of its predecessor, and almost half the cost. Once again, the drive for success and satisfaction forced Sony to create yet another device, this one even better than the last. They called it the “d-50” and it is known as the world’s first portable CD player; (Business the…). Sony always has been the best in the industry for cutting size, and they continue to be the force to be reckoned with as they proceed to launch the hottest, most dynamic technologically advanced products on the market today.

The Sony Corporation of America, based in New York City, proves to be the leading manufacturer in audio, video, communications, and technology products both on a consumer, and a business basis ;(SONY). Sony provides its consumers with entertainment and business based products that always prove to be the best in quality and service. From music, to movies, games, computers, downloads, and anything else you need to be satisfied, Sony is there to make life itself easier. The main headquarters of the Sony Corporation is not based in the U.S. because the founders and head CEO’s of this company are based in Japan. Their service is not only found in America but is also found world-wide. With companies such as Sony Electronics, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Sony Computer Entertainment, and Sony BMG Music Entertainment, this company is obviously close to the best at marketing and commercializing their products in a general sense. They have re-defined the meaning of customer satisfaction and guaranteed cooperation with valuable service. All Sony products are compatible, easy to use, practical, and affordable because Sony’s focus is not on how to make the products better; it is strictly on how to make the product good enough for the consumer to purchase. Sony employs approximately 158,500 people world-wide who are all dedicated to the same goals. Their company is stacked with hundreds of perfectionists whose goal is to make the product the right way, every time. They do their best and they perform to the top of their ability all the time. Dedicated employees and an everlasting drive for efficiency is why Sony makes an average of 64 billion dollars a year.

Sony has proved to be a powerhouse in the majority of their companies in the industries that they’re involved in. They have been successful innovators for the highest level of technology and growth. In the electronics field alone, Sony Electronics inc. have snowballed into being one of the most detailed, and graphically brilliant companies there is. In September of 1995, Sony entered the gaming system world with the extremely popular Playstation. They sold over 100 million units, 16 million over the internet; (Sony Style). Playstation was only the beginning to this thriving industry of the gaming world. Sony continues to release new and improved versions of playstation. Everyone knows that whenever a Sony gaming system is released, it becomes and instant hit with consumers. People line up weeks in advance for the newest product Sony has mustered up. They pay strict attention to when their product will be released, how it will be released, how it does against the competitors, and also how much it sells. Sony works so hard in the gaming industry to release countless amounts of technology and skill into their products. Talent and time is put into every Sony system on the market to guarantee that you get the very best things out there. As soon as a new technology scheme is found, Sony is the first one to the labs. They begin to create something tremendous. The Ps3, which is the newest system released by Sony, had been a work in progress for almost 5 years. New chips and memory spaces were added to the already glorified Playstation 2. Sony builds and creates their products until they have a finished product that is breathtaking. Once this product is released, they continue the cycle over and over again to stay on top of their game and ensure that their customers and consumers in general are getting the very best from the technology field.

In the future, I see Sony as being exactly what they are today. Sony is the company that people rely on to technologically feed them. They are the source of diversity and wealth in an entertainment sense. Sony has mastered the fine art of consumer interest and they continue to remain at the top of their game. They guarantee that you will be happy with the products they produce, because they are constantly changing. Who knows what Sony will come up with next? Whether it is in music, games, movies, devices, hand-helds, or E-books; (Sony the Private.) Sony is a definite success in any field they are involved in. With the latest and most affordable way to apply and create new technology, this company is sure to meet their customer’s demands. There are endless possibilities for Sony just for their Playstation products alone, not counting all the other masteries they have created in music and television. Sony has pretty much commercialized the technology world into a field where growth, communication, profit, and business are all reasonable values. Sony will continue to shrink and improve the majority of their products for continuous profit and interest of consumers. There is literally no end to the countless innovations and skills that there dedicated employees can come up with. Sony literally is technology of the future.

Now that Sony has become such a world leader in technology that they have also learned that with that title there comes many complications. Lawsuits are something every large company has to worry about. People are sue happy which means that people will find any way possible to sue a company for anything. To help protect Sony from this they have spent millions on trying to follow every legal or civil law there is in every country they are in.( Sony .net) One example is making sure that the people they hire are all treated and hired in the same manner, so that no discrimination charge could be filed against them. Due to of all of the time and man power that Sony has put into this, they have become one of the best companies to work for.

On the financial side of Sony their market shares and sales for the fiscal year of 2008 have increased dramatically. Their operation income for motion pictures has increased by 26.5%, (Sony.COM) this is because of more contracts to produce movies all around the world has increased. No longer are they in just America for the movie business they now are also producing motion pictures in India, Japan, China, and even England. Also Sony’s operation income from electronics has increased 121.8% over last year, ( This is mostly because of the higher sales in PSP or playstation portables and in the higher sales in the Playstation 3, also because of the battery change policy is up from past years; where Sony replaced all of the faulty batteries in laptops for free, at a cost to the company of 15 Billion yen.

The Sony Corporation is all around the world and is doing extremely well in every market place. Some of the company’s strengths included electronics, in which they are one of the world’s biggest producers of electronic equipment in the world, and because of this there aren’t many high up competitors that can compete with Sony. This is also because any time Sony begins to get a competitor in any of the fields they deal in, Sony normally try’s to buy that company and add it to Sony’s corporation. As of right now Sony does not have any real difficulties in any field they are involved in. This is mainly because the company has not tried to venture into any new fields in such a long time. Sony feels that it would be unwise to join a field of development that it doesn’t currently work in. The lack of competition in their current fields of expertese and high risks associated with new technology keeps Sony happy where they are.

The Sony Corporation is still one of the best corporations to work for especially in electronics and is definitely a company that is making huge profits and success.


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