Solve Poverty Throughout the World – Political Science Essay

Solve Poverty Throughout the World – Political Science Essay
Every country has poor people. This is the so – called lower social class. Usually in this class we can find people with very low education who live in the suburbs with no property of their own. In some cases people may

become poor because they lose everything on gambling or they have drinking problems or they are addicted to drugs. But these are special cases. In most cases, the poverty passes on to the next generation in the same family. It seems like a magic circle. They were brought up in poverty so they had to start working as soon as possible to earn some money on their own. And these young people had to quit studying after the elementary level even if they very talented because nobody could provide for them. Then they have children with the aim to have some more helping hands at home. And these children are going to have the same life as their parents. Because they do not have time and possibility to achieve any new knowledge, most often they just cannot come up with any new ideas in order to improve their life.

We can usually observe the process I have just described in the developed countries where we can see bigger and bigger differences between the rich and the poor every day. And obviously the higher class is taking advantage of the poorest people and furthermore it is doing everything to keep it that way.

We have other countries that are fighting the poverty due to political or even geographical reasons. Like Somalia, which has been suffering from poverty for years. First it was because of the long war period and after that because they live in the middle of nothing where it is difficult to grow any plant as they basically have no water. And the population is young, with no medical assistance and no educational system. They do not know how to produce food and how to develop their country. And this scenario is common to many other countries as well.

The developed world should take care of them. But not just by sending them supplies but also by teaching them how to make it on their own.