It was a beautiful day outside in New York City on September 11, 2001 though all of that changed. At approximately 8:46 a.m. American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into the World Trade Center (WTC) north tower. The plane hit between floors 94 and 98 (CNN). The ground shook and not one person could have seen something this devastating happen. When the airliner hit the tower, no one really thought the United States was under attack, but that it was just a mistake by the pilot. Those thoughts rapidly changed when 17 minutes later United Airlines Flight 175 crashed into the south tower of the WTC. The plane banked between floors 78 and 84 (CNN). A massive evacuation occurred in both towers and the surrounding buildings. People in the south tower found a stairwell that was unblocked but covered with smoke which led those people to go mistakenly toward the rooftop for a rescue that never came.

There were a total of four planes that were hijacked on September 11th. Two of the planes crash into both the north and south tower of the WTC. At 9:43 a.m. American Airlines Flight 77 crashes into the Pentagon (Umminger). The fourth hijacked plane United Airlines 93 crashes in a rural area in Pennsylvania.

At 9:59 a.m. the burning horrific south tower stands for 56 minutes 10 seconds before it finally collapses (Umminger). Then at 10:28 a.m. the north tower collapses (Umminger). Both towers’ collapses are viewed live by millions of people, they all watched in awe. Now the citizens of the United States understood that we were in fact under attack.

We all remember where we were and what we were doing on September 11, 2001. The majority of us believed it was the work of Bin Laden and the al-Qaida. Was 9/11 really the work of terrorists? How can a commercial airliner bring down a 110-story building? Did the United States Government do this just to go to war? Nine years later there are still questions that have been left unanswered on that fateful day of 2001. How could we automatically blame the al-Qaida without any forensic investigation? We were told that the Twin Towers collapsed because of a commercial airliner hitting it at about 500 mph. Was it really a commercial airliner? How can a plane that is made mostly out of aluminum pierce through steel? We were also told that United Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon. But how could a Boeing 757 whose dimensions are from nose to tail 155ft 3in, wingspan 144ft 10in, and a height of 44ft 6in (Kleist) create a hole 16ft big? We all saw the explosion that the planes made in the Twin Towers; we all saw them collapse by a single airplane. So if a commercial airplane can melt steel then how come the same explosion and fire damage was not seen at the Pentagon?

In July 1945, a B-25 bomber that was lost in the fog had crashed into the 79th floor of the Empire State Building. Of course the Empire State Building did not collapse. In designing the World Trade Center, Leslie Robertson one of the designers, considered the scenario of the impact of a jet airliner, the Boeing 707, which might be lost in the fog, seeking to land at JFK or Newark airports (Loose Change 9/11). Design Engineers made both towers strong enough to withstand this scenario and not collapse but be able to repair the steel.

There has never been a modern steel building collapsed by fire, before or after September 11. The melting point of steel is 2,800°F. Jet fuel can only reach a maximum heat of 1800°F. We all saw the big black clouds of smoke; those billowing black clouds in fact indicate that the fires were oxygen starved fires. The heat of the fire in the towers was estimated at 500°F (911 Ripple Effect). Underwriters Laboratory certified the steel to last up to 3 hours before weakening. We were all told that the fire weakened the steel and collapsed the building. How could a commercial airliner collapse this steel reinforced 110-story skyscraper?

If a commercial airliner could not have brought down the Twin Towers then what did? There are many theories involving controlled demolitions, that they were planted in the towers to help bring it down and bring it down so perfectly. Well these theories are pretty farfetched, but there is much evidence to support it. “Ben Fountain, a financial analyst who worked in the WTC complex told People Magazine that in the weeks before 9/11 there were numerous unannounced and unusual drills where sections of both the twin towers and building 7 were evacuated for quote ‘security reasons’. This was obviously the perfect opportunity to place those explosives” (Loose Change 9/11). So if explosives were the cause of the collapse of the Twin Towers, then how did they get in there?

A December 2000 assessment of the WTC recommended immediate renovation work on the steel columns contained within the elevator shafts of both Twin Towers (Avery). Turner Construction, a company located on the 38th floor of the north tower was selected to do the job. Turner’s CEO at the time was Tom Leopard, who had personal ties to George W. Bush and Carlos Gutierrez, secretary to the Department of Commerce. The Department of Commerce is in charge of NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). Turner Construction also did fire proofing work on the very floors that were struck by Flights 11 and 175 (Avery) All the documents pertaining to Turner’s work were destroyed on September 11.

In addition, President Bush’s brother, Marvin was on the Board of Directors at Securicom from 1993 until fiscal year 2000. Securicom was an electronic security company which provided security for United Airlines, Dulles International Airport and from the early 1990’s up to September 11, the WTC. So a company with ties to the government agency, which eventually investigated the collapse, was responsible for doing renovation work inside the Twin Towers. And the building’s security was run by a company with family ties to President Bush (Asquith). And we have no records to prove what they did inside the building. Does anything sound suspicious here? Were the Twin Towers brought down by a single airliner, or was it by the help of a controlled demolition?

The WTC complex was composed of seven buildings, three of which completely collapsed on the day of the attacks. Not many people remember that there were in fact three buildings from the WTC complex to actually collapse. World Trade Center 7, a 47-story steel-frame skyscraper became the third building to collapse completely. Unlike the Twin Towers, the collapse of WTC 7 had been anticipated for several hours and the building had been evacuated (Questioning the 9/11 attacks). World Trade Center 7 collapsed that day with only visual evidence of five fires in the building and no plane hit it. The reports tell us that the fires weakened the steel and collapsed the building. How can a few fires that started from falling debris of the Twin Towers reach 2,800°F to melt the steel and collapse the building? Larry Silverstein the lease holder of the World Trade Center stated in a PBS interview “and I said…’maybe the smartest thing to do is, is pull it’…and they made that decision to pull and then we watched the building collapse” (Questioning the 9/11 attacks). To pull a building is a demolition term. It means to demolish or to bring down by controlled demolition. This building fell the same way the Twin Towers fell, which according to the evidence was brought down by controlled demolition. So are not both of these incidents related to each other?

The Pentagon is the most interesting building that was hit on September 11. There are plenty of questions to ask, so I’ll begin with what we were told. We were told that American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon. However, the evidence and the pictures of the Pentagon do not indicate at all that a Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon. There was never any wreckage at all that was found from the plane besides a few pieces of debris that were no bigger than the size of your hand. There was no tail, nose, fuselage, wheels, luggage seats, engines, nothing. What really hit the Pentagon?

We all witnessed the damage at the Twin Towers. However, the damage at the Pentagon is inconsistent with the damage seen at the Twin Towers. At the World Trade Center we were told that the fire was so intense that it fatigued the steel and collapsed the buildings. However, the pictures taken after the roof of the Pentagon collapsed shows the inconsistency. The left side of the Pentagon shows little heat or smoke damage. There is a file cabinet with a computer monitor on it, both completely intact. There’s also a wooden desk that is perfectly intact and a wooden stool with a book laying open on it, the pages and book are not even singed (911 in Plane Site).

All four planes that were hijacked were embarked on transcontinental flights, meaning they will have a majority of their fuel left after landing. About 8,600 gallons of fuel would remain, meaning that 8,600 gallons of fuel would have been ignited at the Pentagon. 8,600 gallons of fuel has a BTU rate of 86 million. A BTU, short for British thermal unit, is a basic measure of thermal (heat) energy. That amount of fuel would’ve reduced that section of the Pentagon to rubble and it would have burned for days. Also, a fuel spill of 8,600 gallons would have posed a large soil removal and disposal project under title 40 code of regulations of the Environmental Assessment Association (911 in Plane Site).

The hole after the collapse of the section of the Pentagon was 65 feet across and 73 feet tall. Now how can a Boeing 757 whose dimensions are from nose to tail 155ft 3in, wingspan 144ft 10in, and a height of 44ft 6in (Kleist) create a hole after the collapse that size? As noted earlier, the hole was 16ft, but that was the initial hole that was made before the collapse which brings up the same question. Also, there were no scratches or markings on the lawn. Plane crashes leave huge marks on the grass with signs of the fire torching the lawn. However, the lawn at the Pentagon was perfectly intact. We were also told that the fire completely vaporized the jet which the government had to have said considering nothing from a Boeing 757 was found. So how could forensic investigators correctly identify 184 out of 189 people found at the pentagon?

The man who hijacked flight 77 was Hani Hanjour. The government told us that on September 11 Hani Hanjour was able to execute a 330 degree turn at 530 mph, descending 7,000ft in two minutes and 30 seconds (Loose Change 9/11). That maneuver is absolutely impossible without the plane stalling and falling out of the sky. He went to Freeway Airport in Mitchellville Maryland to fly small planes. He already had his pilots’ license and he was merely going there to get checked out in the aircraft (Loose Change 9/11). He went on three test runs and he couldn’t control or land the small plane. The instructor stated that he was an average to below average pilot. Since he was not a very good pilot, how could he have executed an impossible maneuver?

The Pentagon is the nerve center for the United States Military. Are we supposed to believe that the military had no anti-aircraft defenses to protect their own headquarters? Shouldn’t the Pentagon be under 24 hour video surveillance? Well in fact, the Pentagon has over 80 surveillance cameras that were running on the day of September 11. Not one has been released. However, a gas station, a Sheridan Hotel, and the Virginia Department of Transportation all captured the events (Loose Change 9/11). In minutes after the attack on the Pentagon the FBI took the tapes with a warning not to discuss what they’ve seen. Instead the FBI released 5 frames, none showing a 757. There were satellite photos taken 4 days before the attack. They show a white line marking the exact trajectory of whatever hit the pentagon 4 days later. The gas station and the Sheridan Hotel videos were finally released in 2006, (Questioning the 9/11 attacks) but none show a clear photo of anything happening on September 11. If the government has nothing to hide, then why are they so afraid to answer a few questions or release the video surveillance taken that day?

By now you are probably asking yourself, why would the United States Government do something like this? There are hundreds of government contractors in Iraq right now with countless contracts. Here is one contract that was awarded to Halliburton. The Houston Chronicle reported that 82,000 gallons of liquid propane fuel were to be transported to Bagdad. It wasn’t going to be transported from the United States to Bagdad, but from Kuwait to Bagdad, a distance of about 300 miles. Now it would take about ten trucks to transport this much fuel 300 miles. It would cost about one dollar per mile per truck, for a total of about $3,000. Though, if it was a government contract the charge would be around two or three times that amount, or around $10,000. However, Halliburton was awarded 27.5 million dollars to do the very same job (Lewis). How much of your tax dollars went to paying for this job? Would it not have been cheaper to have ten privates drive those trucks that distance? Is this a war really a war on terror, or a war for profit?

The number one question that people ask is, if the plane didn’t hit the Pentagon then where did it go? If the plane that hit the south tower wasn’t Flight 175, then where did it go? Where are all those people? Giving my opinion would make this paper a conspiracy theory, instead of just a conspiracy. However, consider the following scenario. Let me say that you have to put a loved one on a bus bound from New York to Boston. You put them on a Greyhound bus and watch them leave, waving to them. A couple hours later there’s a news report claiming that the Greyhound bus skidded out of control crashed and exploded. A couple weeks later, someone who just happened to have a camcorder shows up with a video tape of the event. When you examine the video you see that the bus in the video says Trail Ways on the side of it. So then where did the Greyhound bus go? If your loved one was on that bus, you would want to know. So should we laugh and ridicule the people who ask where the Greyhound bus is? That is where we are with the September 11 conspiracy. We may never find out what happened to Flight 77 or Flight 175. However, the evidence screams that we need to reinvestigate what really happened on September 11, 2001.