Sarah Margaret Fuller – American Lit (200 Level Course)
Sarah Margaret Fuller was a member of Emerson’s Transcendentalist movement. She embraced the movement’s ideas and was a keen supporter of women’s rights and social justice movements. In her book “American Literature”, Sarah ties to define to us what is American literature. She insists that American literature has its own identity and should not be compared to European

literature. Fuller also talks about the influence of British culture and ways of thinking in American literature.

She emphasizes on originality and why originality will help further more writers to think freely. She also talked about American writers and how the public is ignoring them or not appreciative of their works. The writers she praised are original thinkers and creative in their ways of thinking and at the same time not influenced by British culture.

Overall she was trying to express to her audience why it is important for Americans to have their own literary identity, free from European influence.