The road not taken by robert frost

There are many choices in life, and their will be many thrown right at you and at one point they will be easy, hard, and really tough choices. But you must always remember that every single decision as little as it maybe it will make a big difference in life, based on the poem, The Road not Taken by: Robert Frost.

It tells us about how the speaker in the poem is in the woods and is in front of two roads that diverged. Road A. leads one way and probably also leading to another, and has been taken many times since in the poem the speaker says it was all stomped on. And there was Road B. that leads to a whole different way also leading from one way to another. But according to the speaker this road had grass and wanted wear. Obviously this was the road not taken. The speaker is trying to find the differences and similarities between the two roads in the poem and since he knew that Road A. had been all stomped on. And Road B. wasn’t, he/she decided to take Road B. also known as the road not taken. And of course the speaker chose to take this one because this was the road the speaker felt he/she should take and wanted to take, and make his/her own decision. And as the speaker has taken the road the speaker says and yet knowing way leads on way to way I doubt if I should ever come back and says that hence two roads diverged in a yellow woods and I-I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. In other words metaphorically saying the speaker had two different choices to make, and they were both very different from each other and he didn’t want to choose one he didn’t like just because it was the most popular one. Because when you make a choice or a decision you got to make sure it’s the right on because sometimes when you make a decision or a choice you cant always go back and undo it. So in this case the speaker had to make a choice that was a bit difficult having to choose what was the right thing knowing it would affect him in life one way or another. And well he let us know that the choice he made was the correct choice when he said “and that has made all the difference” meaning he probably made a positive and good choice , for example I have too make choices in life myself like, will I go to college or be a drop-out. Will I work in the family business or will I get my own job. See, these are some of the many choices I will have in life they will be difficult but I know these will make me who ever I become, a rich a wealthy, healthy or poor, all I can really do now is do my thing and do my home work go to school and see where life takes me.