Risk of Diseases – English Descriptive Essay

Risk of Diseases – English Descriptive Essay
Statistics of Canada has recently stated that less than 2% of overweight people living in Canada are overweight because of a thyroid problem and the other 98% are overweight because of their sedentary lifestyle. Working

in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and fitness consultant, you get to train and work with a lot of people especially and predominately sedentary individuals who realize that they have to change theory lifestyle in order to decrease their risk of diseases and enable themselves to feel good about themselves. While working, I had the privilege of working with a 32 year old single women from Toronto named Wanda. Wanda like many of the overweight people I have helped for the past 5 years as a personal trainer and fitness consultant wanted to lose weight, she was concerned with her weight, wanted to fit better in to her clothes and wanted to eliminate her old lifestyle for a new improved one.
When I first saw Wanda she was the typically sedentary women that I usually encounter. She had shoulder length blonde hair that was very obvious she had bleached, her nose was long and pointy and her she was very fair. When she talked to me I noticed that her thin lips wee cracked and need some lip balm on them. We discussed what she wanted to change about herself and the first thing, she mentioned was her weight. I took a good look at her rounded figure that was estimated to be about 200 lbs. and her height which she was about 5 feet 4 inches and informed her that by my observation of her I could tell that she was in the overweight catelgory according to the BMI which was a measurement of your weight divided my your height and let her know that this would be our main focus.
As I had Wanda Atedp to take her skin fold, which was a mental caliper that slightly and gently pinched her skin to tell me how much body fat she had, I noticed het designer name clothes. She had on a red gap t-shirt that was obviously two sizesto small for her that it spaneded her skin was begging to have some fresh air, her belly was sticking out and she had sweat staines under her arms. She wore blue navy blue pants with pink flowers in the front of the tight pants and yellow bumbles on the back. Again theses were too small for her and thought out the skin fold assessment many times she would grasps her hands and squeeze them throughthe side of her pants to pull them up.
After the skinfold, we talked about her lifestyle. I knew what she was going to say before any movement of her thin chapped lips open. She looked like the type of wome who ate a lot of unhealthy food like greasy French fries and over drenched ketchup on top of the fries making you double guess if she was eating French fries or kethup. When she got home from work, she would watch tv like the simpsons and the young and the restless then after wasting her whole evening oindulging her self in the tv, she would crawl herself to bed and start all over again.